Welcome to
The 110th Oregon Coast Invitational 


Amateur Invite
Swings Into Action 

Welcome to the
110th Annual Oregon Coast Invitational
Match Play Championship

Hosted by Astoria Golf and Country Club


We experienced a lot in the past year, and what better way to celebrate all that we've overcome than with the sport and the tournament that has brought us together for over a hundred years. We missed the early tee-times, the extra holes, the Coast Coolers, and most importantly, we missed coming together with each and every one of you. In the spirit of togetherness, we invite you to a week of golf, but more importantly, a week of unity through families, old friends and new, and can't wait to get you back for 110. 

Invitations were mailed out in April to Astoria Golf and Country Club Members and in May to all other past participants and anyone who requested an invitation. Almost fully, we welcome you to contact the Pro Shop for inquiries regarding this year and next. Contestants reaching the age of 18 by July, 2021 will be eligible to play subject to OCI approval. 

The scoring area will be behind the 18th green for qualifying and under the Club's deck for match play. To facilitate timely and correct match play result reporting, we will be providing each match with a scorecard that will also need to be returned to the scoring table upon match completion. 


It’s imperative that all matches report results prior to leaving the facility. Contestants are required to do so. 

As excited as you are to get back on the course, we are hoping to reduce those 5- and 6-- hour rounds and will do our best to enforce faster play. Co-operation from all contestants is paramount, and the Clubhouse will be there for your 19th (or 20th) finishes. 


Below you'll find the 2021 Supplementary Rules, Pace of Play, Emergency Documents, and Schedule for the week, also included in your player packets that are to be picked up during registration. 

For any questions, you can contact the Pro Shop who can direct your inquiries. Enjoy the week, play well, and have fun. We are so excited to have you here.

SATURDAY: We are monitoring weather at this time. As of 7:10 AM there is no delay.

2019 Champions


Jon Holzgang 

Grand Championship Division  

Gretchen Johnson 

Women's Division

Mary Jacobs 

Senior-Women's Division 

Tom Mulflur 

Senior Division

Gaylord Davis 

Super-Senior Division

36-hole live scoring