A Toast to the Coast

Astoria Golf & Country Club has proudly sponsored the Oregon Coast Invitational Match Play Championship for over fifty years. This event, the second oldest golf tournament in Oregon behind the Oregon Amateur Championship, was inaugurated on August 6th, 1910, at the Gearhart Golf Course. Since that first competition there have been changes in format, the name and various classes of player eligibility; however the popularity of this annual tournament by the seashore has never diminished. 


Historically, the tournament has sold out—often with a waiting list—and when invitations are mailed, applications are returned immediately for fear of not registering in time. One out of town participant once remarked: "I get home from the office and here is my invitation to the Coast Tournament. I sit down immediately and fill out the form to high tail it to the post office, hoping it will go out with that day's mail."  


The 'Coast,' as it is affectionately called, continues to attract several generations of competitive golfers and at least four former champions who became regular members of the PGA Tour. Every year a diverse mix of amateur golfers, young and old, visit the North Oregon Coast during the last week of July to reconnect with old acquaintances in a competitive yet casual atmosphere at a championship caliber golf course with a very supportive membership. In addition to extraordinary golf, participants enjoy delicious food, organized banquets, a family beach party, live music and eight days of priceless memories. The logistics involved with hosting such a large, complex, and successful event can be daunting, but thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers and club staff who invest significant time planning the event, the Oregon Coast Invitational has distinguished itself as one of the best amateur golf events in America. It is certainly one of the most fun tournaments golfers will ever have the privilege of competing in.